After leaving Aunt Noelle the next stop was Roanoke, Virginia to see Grandma Hermann and Grandpa Hermann.  Senghor is a really good driving buddy.  He usually sleeps, or eats, or babbles.  Sometimes he plays with his fish buddy Nigel.

After arriving to the Hermann’s Senghor surprised us all by walking about 8 steps.

Senghor and his grandma!

We introduced Senghor to the playground at my old elementary school.

 More more!

Look at me Papa!

I’m old enough to walk–am I old enough to climb a ladder?

Hello sweet baby.

Next stop: Hagerstown, MD.

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First Things First

We have seen so many firsts.  Tonight Senghor took his first steps with Grandma Hermann.


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Beach Day with Aunt Noelle

Currently we are on a tour to see family.  Our first stop?  Aunt Noelle!  She recently moved to Myrtle Beach and we were thrilled to introduce her to her latest nephew.

We we also were thrilled to introduce Senghor to the beach.  He loves water and we were hoping he would love the beach.  He loved the sand…but was suspicious of the waves.

“Mama, I do not want to see if there are sharks here.”

Family picture with indignant son.

Aunt Noelle needs a third hand to support the belly.

I have no legs!

It might be the sun but sand is tasty.

Look at that milkshake…

Senghor loves swings and really anything that moves.   I love swinging!  Why don’t we have one of these at home?

Hey, hey!  Don’t post this on the web.


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Top ten answers to “Is he adopted?”

One thing we knew would be an issue as adoptive parents was our son’s race.  I didn’t realize how much of a problem though…it seems we get comments at least once a day.  Usually nice along the lines of “Where did you adopt from?” but sometime more offensive, “Well they aren’t the same color!”  What I find most interesting is that these are all from adults.  When I burned my hand and had to wear a glove for 18 months the comments were all from children…because they have no filter.  But kids don’t seem to notice that anything is wrong.  Those are clearly his parents’ right?  I mean they are pushing him in a stroller and feeding him in public who else would do that?  So here is our top ten…

10.  No, our biological baby’s in an exchange program.

9.  We just rent him so people think we’re celebrities.

8.  Our lawyers say not to talk about it ’til the lawsuit’s settled.

7.  He’s from my first marriage.

6.  Well, Lisa swears she didn’t have an affair with the UPS guy…

5.  We’re beta-testing baby robots from Japan–pretty life-like huh?

4.  Our child was switched at birth, but we’re not sure the other family’s noticed yet.

3.  Darn colorblindness! First they take away my driver’s license because I can’t read stoplights, and now this.

2.  Scientists are amazed–They think it’s evolution at work.

1.  That’s racist.

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Coming to America

We should be leaving St. Anne’s within an hour.  Oh the thought is so exciting…event the 36 hours traveling doesn’t dampen the thought.  At least we know when we will be home.

Speaking of…we arrive 8:39pm CST (September 20, 2012) in the Nashville Airport.  Feel free to welcome us home 🙂  If you do you will see one cute and probably cranky baby.


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Trapped in the Congo

Okay that sounds a little dramatic, but that is what it feels like.  To make an incredibly long story short as possible . . .  On our way over here we found out that the consul was investigating Senghor’s origins, something to do with the paperwork.  In the investigation it was found that the papers stating “parents unknown”  was  false.  In reality the lawyer knew who the parents were and it was known Senghor had a brother (who is already placed with another family).  This was extremely difficult news.  This was also “difficult” for the consul and in short they stated we could be here indefinitely and they weren’t sure we would be able to take Senghor home.

Thankfully this is now all resolved and hopefully we can take him home next week. We didn’t really find out until yesterday.  We appreciate all of the prayers.

We have spent the past week waiting.  Waiting for the interview with the biological father, with the lawyer, with social services.  Waiting for them to tell us the fate of our family.  Now we are waiting for paperwork, which we should get today.  If this all works out we may be able to get the visa early next week.

Meanwhile Senghor flourishes.  I think he has grown at least an inch, he has a new tooth, and I think his hair is growing in the bald patches.  He is playing peek-a-boo, laughing, monkeying about.  We are so glad we are here.  If we hadn’t come his case would have dragged out for weeks longer.

Enjoy the pictures:

Perhaps stripers weren’t the best choice for today.

Yes I’m that cool.

Senghor loves pizza.  We had to order him one all his own.

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Under the Weather

On Friday John (our Congolese guide) took us and the other family here to the Bonobo monkey farm, only to discover that it’s closed until September 14.  Since it took an hour on sub par roads to arrive, he suggested we go to a nearby lake for lunch.  (John made an offhand comment that it would be nice if they had a phone number to call ahead, which made me miss my smartphone.)


The lake was so peaceful and breezy.  We set underneath a lovely canopy and enjoyed being out of the city.  We enjoyed a nice lunch of omelet (we split one ’cause they only had two eggs), cooked greens (Senghor’s favorite food), some other cooked vegetable dish, and french fries.  The meal took forever to prepare, leading us to believe they were waiting on the chickens to lay the eggs before they cooked them for the other couple.  The lunch was nice and leisurely.  We could even see the sky (Kinshasa is always overcast with pollution).  Tompaul was able to take many pictures, as photos are general discouraged in public in Kinshasa.


The carrier was the best purchase.  Senghor loves it.  (When Lisa puts it on his hands reach up).




No one loves greens like this boy…the calm before the storm.


We used to joke that Senghor was going to jump in a canoe and row to us, if the adoption took much longer.  Little did we know he has a canoe, and he knows how to paddle.  That is the stance of an Olympian.

Then we came home and Lisa immediately got sick.  Soon followed by Tompaul.  Finished off by Senghor.  We think the greens were not cooked long enough or something.  Therefore we have been all but silent here in Kinshasa.  Finally after 24h we were able to hold down some oatmeal.

Please pray for our visa.  The birth father has an interview on Monday September 10 at 9am EST 8am CST.

We long to come home with Senghor.

Please pray I come home, I’m running out of clothes.



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